Sunday, March 29, 2009

American Management Education at Indian Fees

Dear Prospective Student:

One of the decisions that we took early on in the formation of the school is about the fee structure. We felt that in bringing American Management education to India where US based professors will visit India to teach our students, we should not keep the fee level very high. We felt that the fee for the two year program should be kept less than 10 lakhs so that our students can get a bank loan easily. This is important to us since even government institutions such as the IIMs charge more than 11 lakhs for their programs.

You may ask how is it that we are able to keep the fee low even when we have visiting US based professors who not only have to be paid more (in tune with the US salaries) but also have to be paid for their travel to India. This is where we innovated in our business process model. We questioned the assumptions underlying each item of cost to ensure that we keep our costs low and pass on that benefit to students in the form of lower fees.

Our tuition fees for the two year program is Rs.9.6 lakhs including service taxes. In this respect, therefore, we are much lower than most other ranked schools in India.


Welcome message to applicants

Good students, good professors, good learning environment, and good industry interaction – this is the recipe for good education. Our promise to you, dear Students, is to help you discover yourselves in the two years you are with us. Management education for effective global leadership, and mentoring by professors and industry leaders, are two benefits that you will get in The National Management School (NMS).

We would like to invite you to apply for admission to the National Management School in Chennai. The two year Post Graduate Program in Management is offered in collaboration with the Georgia State University (GSU) in Atlanta, USA in two formats – the Full time / Regular PGDM program , the Part time PGDM program and Professional PGDM for working executives. This program that is offered by GSU has been ranked among the top 10 programs for the last 13 consecutive years.

The National Management School is founded by eminent professors from various US Universities. More than 60 professors from the US are involved in the School apart from the professors from Georgia State University’s J.Mack Robinson College of Business. Our professors will have the opportunity to own the institution and thus will be committed to the cause of the School. All of them have a doctoral degree from reputed Universities, mostly from the United States. Several of them hold Chair professorships in their Universities. The academic rigor that they bring to the classroom will help refine your thought processes.

We also have several Chief Officers from various large companies involved with the school. These CXOs have committed to spend time with our students mentoring them during the school year. Our students also benefit from the panel of CXOs who lead large organizations, be it in industry, government or society. The interaction with these CXOs happens in various formats, either as part of the curriculum or outside. The industry relevance that the CXOs add to our curriculum will help you to apply theoretical frameworks.

Thus, academic rigor and industry relevance are brought to bear on the curriculum of the School. The curriculum is patterned after the AACSB standards; AACSB is the accrediting body for business schools in the USA. The Certificate is issued by the National Management School in collaboration with the Georgia State University; both the Deans sign the Certificate.

We are seeking to admit students whose aspirations are high and whose achievements demonstrate such aspirations. We are looking for candidates who are in the top percentile based on the CAT exam or the GMAT. However, our admission is based on a complete profile of the applicant. While academic brilliance is important, we believe that active participation in performing arts or sports or demonstrated leadership in activities, adds to a complete profile. We believe that you learn best in a challenging environment where each one of you learns from the other.

This is what the National Management School has to offer.
FLEXIBILITY - 3 admissions seasons–June, October, & January; Full time & Weekend program
FULL financial assistance for those who qualify in the form of a repayment guarantee for the educational loan that you may take
FEES - Reasonable tuition fees of Rs.9.6 lakhs for the two year program
FACULTY - Professors from various well reputed universities across the US
Joint Certification with GSU offering a top-ranked AACSB accredited program
CXOs from various large organizations involved with the School
Heightened interaction with the Industry; natural outcome would be good placements
Good Location - Chennai

Academic discipline, industry experience, and global perspective – this is what we will deliver. You will see these three aspects reflected in our curriculum. Our professors come from international universities; our CXOs come with global experience operating around the world. This helps provide a global perspective in the classroom that is unparalleled. We believe that the quality of students that we admit combined with the eminent professors that we have and the CXOs that are involved would make the National Management School one of the top ranked schools. This is American Management Education at Indian Fees!!

Please visit our website at and apply online for admission. We look forward to interacting with you soon. We believe that your search for a B School ends with the National Management School.

The National Management School:
it’s a Challenge, it’s an Experience, it’s an Opportunity.


Sankaran P. Raghunathan