Friday, August 23, 2013

Paid International Internship in India as part of a Study Abroad program for a semester

We have partnered with University at Albany and Capgemini, world's fourth largest software company to bring an exciting program for American undergraduate students to study abroad.  Beginning with Spring 2014, The National Management School will host a cohort of American students from various US universities.  These students who decide to study abroad in India for a semester will get to do 6 credits of Internship at Capgemini's Mumbai offices for 8 weeks and also study 3 courses at NMS as part of the 15-credit program. 

Interested students can read about this on Capgemini's website at

University at Albany (SUNY) will award the credits and transcripts for these students.  Students may apply online at University at Albany site at

This internship is open to American citizens or permanent residents who are rising juniors or seniors in the Business School with a major in Management Information Systems.

Come; learn how to win in India. If you can succeed in India, you can be a success anywhere in the world!!

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